How yoga can grow your business

Steve Jobs was known for his perfectionism. Therefore he even planned his own funeral with all the details….  Mark Benioff, who took part in this ceremony said, that each guest received a book titled “Autobiography of a Yogi.” As he said, by this Jobs wanted to show others the way to achieve self-realization, which himself helped to achieve success: yoga.
Benioff believes that Jobs in his last journey wanted to persuade others to reflect on theirs inner life. Jobs was a very spiritual person and had a great intuition. This allowed him to look at the external environment with a much broader perspective. To gain this ability yoga helped him a lot.


Yoga inspired even the co-founder of Kodak

Steve Jobs  get impressed with the yoga after reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” as a teenager. It was written by Paramahansa Yogananda, who was born in 1893 in India. In 1920 he came to the US, where he founded the organization called – Self-Realization Fellowship. Through this Yogananda popularized yoga in the Western world (in fact one of its varieties – kriyayoga). The science of Yogananda quickly became an inspiration for many entrepreneurs, including the co-founder of Kodak – George Eastman. Although Yogananda died in 1952, he has become a kind of a teacher for one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history – Steve Jobs.