Influencers and their impact on SEO

Cooperating with influencers becomes a more and more popular way to promote products, websites and building an image of the brand. Firstly, who may be considered as the influencer? Basically, influencer is usually a blogger or vlogger who has a power to create opinions and trends by using their media channel. They can usually reach a huge number of visitors with their content, and their personal thoughts and opinions can truly influence their audience. Cooperating with influencers can bring multiple profits – it not only improves SEO, but also helps to build a strong and positive image of the brand. Then, how to use the power of influencers in a SEO campaign?

Share links

Influencers can usually reach a big audience – you will get the biggest profit if they share your link with their visitors. No matter if they just place a link into their blog post, or just share it through social media – if they spread your article, it’s perfect! However, it’s still not enough to be fully successful: before starting this kind of cooperation, you should provide a interesting and valuable content to attract people’s attention and make them send your stuff further. Always remember to choose a proper kind of social media for your actions – using different channels may bring various results.

Reach fans

Getting into interactions with influencers’ fans can also be very profitable, as usually they gather big communities concentrated around their blogs or channels. You can reach them through Facebook groups or forums and share your links with them – remember, they must be truly valuable! If you can really provide them interesting and useful content, this kind of promotion may bring you lots of involved followers – says Łukasz from


How much does it cost?

As Łukasz added: Cooperating with influencers might be very profitable, however, it’s usually not cheap. Of course, you can pay for this, but you can also give a try to build a relationship with the influencer that will affect in sharing your content spontaneously. It’s not easy, but not impossible!

Before you will start the cooperation with the influencer, you need to find out what are their expected requirements. Some of them may not be willing to share your content, as they won’t find it related to their website. To make your campaign successful, it’s crucial to choose the most suitable partners having a vision similar to yours – then the cooperation will be truly profitable for both involved sites.

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